Precision small parts in Borso del Grappa

From aeronautics to medical

Commodity Sectors

TAB meets the needs of any manufacturer, industrial or artisan, who needs mechanical components and precision small parts. Potentially TAB could operate in all product areas. Over the years the company has mainly worked in the aeronautics, automotive, industrial and agricultural machinery, hydraulic, pneumatic, household appliances, electronics, home automation sectors, etc.

Recently TAB has expanded its repertoire with the design and production of medical equipment, elements for prostheses and components for orthodontics.
Regardless of the sector or the “size” of the customer, TAB accepts the customer’s request, analyzes the technical-construction aspects, elaborates projections on possible development solutions, putting its decades of experience at the customer’s service.
The common goal is the realization of components or assemblies that are functional, effective, optimized in materials, and at the right price.
The company has been participating in the most important national and European fairs for years.
TAB offers the solution to the most different problems while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Types of Products

Torneria Automatica Bertoncello is a laboratory active in the production and sale of precision small parts in Borso del Grapp. Turned, milled, drilled, sawn, folded, small or large, all the products in the catalog are made on a specific project or sample, according to the needs of the client.

The carpentry is therefore the ideal partner for those who require ad hoc productions: the design studio and the production department support the customer step by step, from the conception to the mass production of the piece. From the idea on paper to the artefact, anyone looking for precision small parts in Borso del Grappa and expecting the high quality of the product, has found their point of reference.

High-circulation small parts
Torneria Automatica Bertoncello deals directly with all the production phases that precede the serial run: from the initial prototype, in one or a few pieces, to the production with a run that goes over one million pieces.

Thanks to the modern and efficient production facilities available to the company, it is possible to produce pieces with a variable diameter between 2 and 120 mm. In the event that there are special requests, however infrequent they may be, and if the machines do not succeed in 100% production, an intervention by the technicians of the Borso del Grappa laboratory, specialized in the processing of precision small parts , to overcome any inconvenience.

Each new request in the precision small parts sector, for Bertoncello Automatic Turning, is a challenge to be faced head on, a goal to be achieved, for one’s own satisfaction but above all, most importantly, for that of the customer.

Processed Materials

TAB is equipped to work an unlimited variety of materials, from the hardest metal alloys to various types of plastics.

To achieve excellent results you need excellent tools. To achieve excellence, excellent materials are also needed. Over the years, TAB has scrupulously selected reliable, certified suppliers capable of issuing guarantees on the origin and composition of raw materials.

The production process in TAB, provides for the constant verification of the alloys worked with the aid of specialized tools to determine the degree of resistance, ductility, elasticity, etc. For more accurate checks, TAB relies on qualified laboratories when needed.

Each material is a world of its own. The long experience of TAB, the precious know-how assimilated, and the wise ability in choosing the most suitable tools for each case, allow total control over the matter.


TAB is as attentive to pre-production as to post-production. The company philosophy foresees only one possibility: the satisfied customer. To achieve this goal, each order is managed following a protocol that also includes different cases. In some cases the customer participates in the start-up of production in order to test the result in real time; in other circumstances, it is TAB that moves to the customer for special checks or surveys.

The customer’s requests are the most varied. We don’t have a “typical customer”. At the basis of TAB’s success there is honesty that always conveys choices consistently. We do not accept orders if we are unable to complete them, but when we accept them we reach total customer satisfaction in 99.9% of cases.
A cohesive, qualified and experienced team, forty years of experience and a modern and updated structure, allow TAB to deliver turnkey products in ever shorter times without compromising the priority aspect: quality.
Contact TAB now, the true experts in precision small parts .

Estimate with express service

Product sectors

TAB always aims to offer, for the same product, the best price on the market. Any request for online quote on the service of precision small parts and products offered by the company are analyzed by the responsible staff, loaded on dedicated calculation software, the procurement times of raw materials, standard processing and any special interventions are estimated to offer the customer a express service.

Based on the urgency, the quote will be processed in 12, 24 or 48 hours.