Automatic precision turning in the province of Treviso

40 years of precision

From artisan turning to industrial production …

TAB (Torneria Automatica Bertoncello) was born in the 70s as in a small workshop. Passion, enthusiasm, inventiveness and two small manual lathes are the only tools available. Already in that embryonic stage, TAB shows a marked propensity for the pursuit of perfection. We are in its infancy and the modest production of mechanical parts is destined for the thriving local market.
A progressive and constant growth brings TAB up to the 90s, at the time of the first IT revolution, of industrial robotics.
Bertoncello immediately perceived the importance of this innovative frontier and got back into the game without reservations, immediately investing in new technology. In a few years the company expands. One wing houses the tireless new generation machines: CNC lathes. For TAB it is the beginning of a significant exponential growth: expansion of the structure, increase in productivity, new processes and increase in precision.
Today, after more than forty years of consistency, TAB has a structure of over 3,000 meters, with 25 employees and over 300 loyal customers distributed in Europe.

Our Structure

TAB stands at the foot of Monte Grappa, in the epicenter of the most productive area of Italy. The modern structure, developed in 3,000 meters of covered area, is organized in different departments: the design, equipped with cutting-edge software entrusted to specialized engineers; the raw materials warehouse, thanks to which TAB is able to reduce delivery times; the workshop has numerous latest generation CNC lathes, various machineries for the machining of mechanical components suitable to meet every customer need; assembly and quality control which, according to the strictest standards, checks every aspect of the finished product.

The TAB system is based on a main thought: man is irreplaceable. For this reason, each division is coordinated by qualified, specialized and strictly selected personnel. TAB was born of people and has grown thanks to a compact, enthusiastic and mutually respectful team.
Those who choose TAB choose quality, flexibility, speed, courtesy and the right price. Within the company, everyone competes for the same goal: customer satisfaction.

Our Means

TAB, an automatic precision turning shop in Borso del Grappa, is a cutting-edge company that makes research and anticipation of the market its strengths.

The long and profound experience that the laboratory has gained over the years, in fact, has allowed it to always be one step ahead, overcoming and renewing the tradition of the reference sector.
Among the features of the turning shop of Borso del Grappa, in the province of Treviso, there is that of “regenerating oneself”, for example through the design and production of machinery and elements necessary for production, for all the main processes performed for customers.
Anyone looking for a point of reference in the field of carpentry can count on the experience of TAB.
Laboratory in constant evolution:
Expansions of the structures, purchase of new machinery, permanent training and hiring of new staff: these are routine activities in the automatic precision turning shop in Borso del Grappa, proving to be a very dynamic company.
Particular importance is given to the training of employees, who can always be ready to satisfy any type of request from their customers, both in the laboratory and directly from customers.
The consolidated network of affiliated companies, specialized in complementary activities to that of turning, allows the group to be even more productive, ready to respond promptly to market demands.
Design and development of medical equipment:
Since 2015, the automatic precision turning shop based in Borso del Grappa has been active in the design of new medical instruments and equipment. The company, in collaboration with some highly skilled professionals in the sector, has recently filed some industrial model patents in the dental sector.
To look to the future with the eyes of the present and the skills acquired in the past, but always evolving.

Quality Management

TAB anticipates the market, always in rapid and constant evolution, going beyond traditional means. The experience accumulated over the years has led the company to be able to “self-generate”. TAB, when needed, designs and builds new equipment capable of carrying out specific processes that meet the customer’s requests.

TAB, as a single thinking being, is able to grasp the ever-changing needs and expectations of the buyer, and then model itself accordingly.
Structural expansions, acquisition of new machinery, training and hiring of new staff, are part of the daily routine at TAB, as are the resources that TAB dedicates to updating, offering its employees periodic courses both on site and at qualified facilities.
The consolidated network of satellite companies specialized in complementary activities, selected in over forty years of activity, helps to increase productivity.
Since 2015 TAB has been active in the research and development of new medical instruments and devices. The company, in collaboration with some professionals in the sector, has recently filed some industrial model patents in the dental sector.
The automatic precision turning TAB looks to the future with eyes of the present and skills rooted in the past.


In the TAB philosophy, a production cycle ends with customer satisfaction. Every single order is handled with the utmost transparency, both in the technical and commercial aspects. The request is analyzed in depth and evaluated in different development possibilities. It follows a detailed wording, which makes the achievement of the expected result inevitable.

This is why TAB boasts 97% satisfied customers, this is the most concrete guarantee that the company offers. TAB regularly supplies over 300 companies in Europe, of which about 50% have been loyal for over thirty years.
To maintain this trend, TAB offers a service tailored to the specific needs of the individual customer, giving each one the most appropriate solutions and guarantees. TAB’s success has always been directly proportional to customer satisfaction.
TAB is ISO 9001 certified for quality. TAB has also started the journey towards the ISO TS 16949 standard.

Online quote for express service

Product sectors

TAB always aims to offer, for the same product, the best price on the market. Any request for online quote on the service of precision small parts and products offered by the company are analyzed by the responsible staff, loaded on dedicated calculation software, the procurement times of raw materials, standard processing and any special interventions are estimated to offer the customer a express service.

Based on the urgency, the quote will be processed in 12, 24 or 48 hours.